Seller Dilemma – Needing a Replacement Home

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Seller Dilemma – Needing a Replacement HomeHome for sale

I would love to sell my house, but we fear we will not find another home to purchase.   

This is a common and valid statement in today’s Seller’s Market.    It is not uncommon for a home to go under contract within a few days and finding a replacement property can be a challenge.      With inventory at it’s lowest in years, finding that replacement property can take some time and patience.

In discussions at listing appointments, I have brought up the fact we can put “Contingent upon Seller locating a suitable replacement property”.    Especially if the Seller says they do not want to move twice or find an alternative home.    I have started seeing this on some listings too.     This may affect the number of showings, but at least the buyers will know the situation.  Placing this info in the agent only comments, allows for more showings, but informs the buyer via their agent before they write the offer – a strategy to maximize exposure while maintaining your stand point.

Before making this a definite decision, explore other options you may have to purchase before you put the primary home on the market.    Viewing available replacement homes online prior to and during your listing period can provide some solace – knowing that there are potential candidates.   As long as you have a nice, reasonably priced, well taken care of home and don’t back to a busy street or train tracks, your home most likely will go quickly.

If you have concerns about selling your house first, there are always options to consider and I can offer some solutions!