PG&E Bills Skyrocket, Here’s How to Tackle Costs

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Recently most people have noticed a huge increase in their PG&E bills.  Most of this is due to the change in the way they calibrate useage.  As a post “Smart Meter” ability, they no longer aggregate your useage and bill according to tiered usage at the end of the billing cycle, now they can do it hourly and daily.

Here’s whaPGE billt you can do about it.

Visit  or Call 1-866-970-7348

They have a program of rebates and low interest financing to help you upgrade your home with more energy efficient features.  To name a few: Attic, floor & wall insulation; water heater, HVAC duct replacement/sealing and Heating and Air Conditioning efficient upgrades.  If you are considering changing out an older system, give my husband Mike a call.  He’s at 530-308-5783 Owner operater of MC Heating & Air Conditioning.  If this program isn’t a good fit, you might still be eligible for a rebate for installing new equipment.

I’m here to help, too.  These upgrades also add value to your home – for resale and as an avid gardener if you just want to plant some fast growing shade trees to keep your cool in the summer, call me.  I have all kinds of seedlings to share.  530-823-5783  or email me at [email protected]

USDA also had a program for energy upgrades if you are over 55, ask me about that, too.

By doing some of the upgrades, you not only add value to your home, but also lower your energy bills, can be more comfortable and can enjoy your home more and last but not least are doing the right thing respecting the ecology of our planet.  Often some of these upgrades pay for themselves over time used, it can be a wise investment, too.